Why Choose Us

10 Reasons Why We Are Unique

1) You Don’t Need to Compromise on Quality.

Our professionals graduated from top tier law schools in the United States (including Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Cornell and Northwestern) and several have law degrees from Latin America. All of our attorneys have practiced at Am Law 100 firms, including some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the World. Our professionals have represented clients in domestic and cross-border transactions under New York and Florida law, as well as other jurisdictions.  They have also litigated matters in Federal and State courts in the United States, as well as arbitral tribunals in the U.S. and Latin America.  Several of our professionals are admitted to practice in New York, Illinois and D.C. in addition to Florida.  You will not train our lawyers. We have three associates to seven partners.  Being a small firm, we have hand selected our lawyers and have no “weak links”.  You will benefit from direct communication and advice from seasoned professionals.

2) We do not “overlawyer”.

Given that we do not have an army of inexperienced associates whom we need to feed billable hours, our deal teams are small and our final bills tend to be significantly less than what they would be if we were practicing at “big law”. We try to streamline transactions, and avoid focusing on less important issues that miss the forest for the trees.

3) We Have In-House Legal Experience.

Four of our attorneys have been in-house (general) counsel for public and private companies. We understand how painful it is to receive legal advice that is not business friendly, practical, or that simply does not solve the client’s issues. We avoid preparing long and complicated legal memoranda and opinions that leave clients even more confused about theur inquiries. We provide advice that you can implement.

4) Business Acumen.

We offer a unique and novel perspective to the practice of law because our professionals are business-savvy, one having experience in global business development, and another having started and sold a company.  One of our professionals is an active venture capital investor, another is a certified public accountant and four have worked as in-house attorneys.  We truly understand the needs of our clients having been “in your shoes”.  Also, we learn your business and strategic objectives and provide advice that is insightful, multi-disciplinary and tailored to you.  Our mission is to assist our clients achieve their business objectives.

5) We Know What We Do Well.

We recognize that there are many things other specialists may do better than we do, and focus on offering top quality legal work in our practice areas.  We focus on Cross-Border Corporate Advice, Mergers & Acquisitions, Venture Capital / Private Equity, “Real Estate”, Technology, Start-ups, Litigation, and Dispute Resolution.

6) Boutique Firm with Global Capabilities, Especially in Latin America.

In addition to out experience advising clients in the U.S., several of our professionals have practiced in at least one Latin American country and understaand how to close deals or resolve legal disputes in virtually every country in Latin America, especially in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Most of our professionals are balanced bilinguals in Spanish or Portuguese. We have experience advising clients from North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia and leverage our collective experience in cross-border transactions and international dispute resolution when advising our clients.

7) We Want to Discuss our Fees in Advance.

Clients have been looking for flexibility and better alignment of interest in engagements and we can offer just that.  Our goal is to partner with our clients for mutual long-run success.

8) Predictable Fees.

One of the main concerns raised by clients of large law firms is being in the dark about how much they are spending in legal fees. We offer predictability through estimates, budgets and active progress reports.

9) Unique and Novel Approach.

We have built a forward thinking law firm designed to create long-term collaborative relationships with a select group of clients interested in the same. Private Advising Group is all about partnering with clients and offering quality legal advice efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner.

10) Expertise and Recognition.

Our professionals are recognized experts in their fields, both by clients and their peers. Click on “Recognition” to review a selection of recent awards received by our professionals.